Ready for home 

All the children are present and correct, ready to get on the coach home. 

Thank you to YHA Sherwood staff for their wonderful rooms, hospitality and delicious foods. Thank you to all of the parents for your constant support on the blog and the 30 wonderful year 4 children for making this the experience of a lifetime. 

I’m sure they won’t forget their adventures in the forest. 

Exhibition centre 

Our final journey on this visit was back into the forest to explore the exhibition centre and spend the children’s money in the gift shop. 

We even stoppedoff to try the medieval stocks.. I wonder how many parents could like us to borrow this 🙃 

The children have been so well behaved and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them! Now for lunch before we head back home 

Friday breakfast  

Our final morning has arrived. What a quiet night it was last night, the children had to be woken up this morning after a good nights sleep. 

We have filled up again on another delicious breakfast and are very thankful to the hostel staff for their hospitality. 

Winding down …

This evening, we decided to familiarise ourselves with another version of Robin Hood… Walt Disney’s version! 

After a long day with over 14km walked, we are all cosied up with our duvets and teddies watching a movie. 

Goodnight from us all, we will be reading blog posts before we head off to bed 🙂 

The final feast 

After a good scrub up from today, wenfwthered for our final evening meal of the visit. 

And what a feast it was 🙂 smiles all around for pizza, chips and fish fingers; followed by a delicious ice cream Sundae 😊

Den building

By far our favourite activity of the visit so far… building our own dens! 

First we met with Robert – the ranger – who split us into 3 teams. Team leaders were selected and ground rules set. 

Then it was full steam ahead.. using the natural resources of the forest to build the sturdiest, most waterproof den we could. 

What great resilience, problem solving  and teamwork skills year 4 children have! They spent almost 1 and a half hours erecting their masterpieces and we could not be more proud! 

The birthday boy’s team won in the end but everyone worked so hard!! 

Birthday cake 🎂

A big thank you to Jacob’s mum for providing us with a delicious chocolate cake to celebrate his birthday. We have all tucked into the a slice and guess what.. there’s even some left 😮 

Ps Liam gave Jacob his birthday kiss for you 

Treasure trail

Wow what a walk!! We have been out three hours this morning hunting for clues around Sherwood Forest and Edwinstowe village. We have found out lots of new facts to bring back to school and despite the occasional rain outbursts, we have had lots of fun 🍂🌲🌿