Could YOU Survive in the Forest? 

As part of the den building activity we have been trying to answer our BIG Question. We had to think about where we would put everything that we would need. Where would we wash? Where would we eat? Even, where we would go to the toilet!?

The challenge most of us had was how to make our structures as waterproof as possible, how well do you think we did?

7 thoughts on “Could YOU Survive in the Forest? 

  1. Great dens. Are you sleeping in them tonight :)?
    Have a good evening and loads of fun tomorrow.
    Lots of love Sam Pie from Daddy, Mummy, Eve, Dotty, Fyn,Betty,Winnie, Herb and the Fish


  2. I can’t believe Y4’s actually built a den which would not be better without teamwork! In school, before the holidays, we were learning about survival skills in Kensuke’s Kingdom wrote by Michael Morpurgo. You could read the book and I guarantee you’ll all love it! Imagine if you needed to survive in real life! When you get back, some survival skills will be on the school display in Mr Williams’ room. one of them is mine. You will also enjoy reading it.

    P.S ,
    Work in a team and share ideas to have fun. Make sure your team members are listening to you so you can share lovely ideas.


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