Oh what a trai!

Well, we have all been out for over two and a half hours on a wonderful walk around the village and the forest. We have seen where Robin Hood and Maid Marion were married, and even been to the Major Oak. The children showed great resilience in walking the 2.5 miles and great team work in problem solving to find the answers to the cryptic questions.  

6 thoughts on “Oh what a trai!

  1. Hope the weather held out for u all… You look like you are having a great time can’t wait to hear all about it Mimi .. Missing u love you lots… Mummy Zion and Nikki xxxxxx


  2. Looks like your having a great time kids xx enjoy the rest of your day evie xx love you xx missing you xxx mum dad jess and coco xx


  3. We hope you are all having a good time. You don’t look very happy today Leah, give us a big smile and enjoy yourself honey. You’ll be home soon. Big hugs, love mum and dad xxx


  4. Hi Lucy. Looks like your having a good time in Sherwood Forest today. We can’t wait to here all about it. Jack says he’s sleeping in your bed tonight he, heee 😜 Xxxxx


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