Listening to the forest

This evening, year 4 have been on a wonderful night walk back into the forest. Armed with torches, we strolled down the dark paths, stopping occasionally to switch off our lights and just listen.. 

in the silence of the night, we were able to listen carefully to the sounds of the forest and the animals that come out at night 

7 thoughts on “Listening to the forest

  1. aww that looks brilliant .tiny we are missing u the house is soooo quite have a lovely time and go to sleep at a sensible time!!! all the family are keeping up with this blog and granny derby thinks it looks amazing xxx lots of love mum x


  2. Hope you’ve all had a brilliant day it looks fantastic, it’s very quite without you darcie and missing you lots. Hope you have another fantastic day tomorrow, can’t wait to see more pictures x


  3. Wow! You’ve all done some amazing things today. Have a good nights sleep and we’ll look forward to seeing more tomorrow!
    Can someone give my birthday boy a MASSIVE kiss in the morning from me (you can do it for me Liam haha!! )
    Lots of love Jacobs Mum Dad and brothers xxxxx


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