This hotel wasn’t quite what we expected … 

This afternoon on our forest walk with Robin Hood, we were amazed to learn that some trees can become hollow over time. We investigated inside one of these magnificent trees and discussed what it might have been like to be an outlaw, passing between these secrets hideouts in the forest. 

11 thoughts on “This hotel wasn’t quite what we expected … 

  1. Hi Alesha, it looks like your having a fantastic time and it’s very quite at home without you. 🙂 Hugs and kisses form mum and sister Misba xxx.


  2. Looks like you’ve all had a fantastic day! Hope you’ve had a yummy tea and have a good nights sleep. We’re missing you loads Jacob, we’re off now to take Nanny her birthday presents ready for the morning. I will open yours for you don’t worry..
    Lots of love Dad Mum Luke Euan Daniel & Ethan xxxxx


  3. Hi, Alesha. You look very comfortable in that oak tree. Perhaps you should become an outlaw and stay in there over night! Lol. Love Aunty Nazma xx


  4. Looks like your all having such a good time. Sorry I couldn’t wave you off this morning Isaac missing you already! Can’t wait to see lots more pictures of all the adventures you will be having.

    Lots of love Mummy & Blaine


  5. Ibrahim you’re clearly having a fantastic day, bug hunt, hiding in the giant tree and hanging out with Robin Hood! Lovely to see all the updates. Hope you have a good nights sleep and ready for more adventure in the morning. Miss you. Love mum x


  6. Wow Issy that looks so fun are your adventures fun so far ? I bet they are! Love you, have a lovely sleep in that nice cosy room with your friends, hope to see more updates on your fun activities tomorrow x😜💖 love you loads love from Amy and the fish bubbles Sophia and Donald X


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