Birthday cake 🎂

A big thank you to Jacob’s mum for providing us with a delicious chocolate cake to celebrate his birthday. We have all tucked into the a slice and guess what.. there’s even some left 😮 

Ps Liam gave Jacob his birthday kiss for you 

8 thoughts on “Birthday cake 🎂

  1. ah glad you all enjoyed it, and thank you Liam i will give you your kiss back tomorrow haha!
    Left over cake? what is that? it never happens in our house.
    Have a lovely afternoon everyone

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  2. What a lovely cake just what you all need for an adventure. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. I hope you are not talking too much and that you are paying attention then you can tell me all about on our next adventure. Love you x


  3. Enjoying yr cake…. hmm yummy.
    Hope you enjoyed building your den with your mates.
    You are having so much fun but we miss you too.
    Have fun.
    Love mum n bernice


  4. How lucky are you all to have chocolate cake it looks like you all enjoyed it. Love you Issy really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow enjoy your night love you xxxx💗💗xx


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