What a special day for Jacob today. Spending his birthday with all of his friends in Sherwood Forest. 

Happy birthday Jacob from all of Year 4! 


12 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB 🎂

  1. Happy Birthday Jacob, have a great day with lots of love from Auntie Claire, Uncle Mark, Ben, Matt and I see Lois has already wished you a Happy Birthday. xx


  2. To my big birthday boy, what a lovely morning for you with your friends! And it looks like you got a present too👍. We’ve missed you so much this morning but your cards are still sealed up waiting for you!
    Have a great day lots of love Mum Dad Luke Euan Daniel & Ethan xxx

    Ps thanks everyone for making a fuss of Jacob – I’m so grateful xxx


  3. To Jacob
    Happy birthday, hope you are having fun with your friends. Will miss you today and teatime.
    With love Granny & Granpda xxx

    Hope you are enjoying it Lois. Love Granny & Granpda xxx


  4. To Jacob…. Sending you a big kiss on our birthday. I’ve opened all my presents, can’t wait to see yours.

    Lots of love Nanny & Grandad xx


  5. I keep leaving messages don’t they don’t seem to appearing.. So I apologie if you can and are sick of me😂

    Happy birthday Jacob – hope you’re having a lovely day with your friends – missing you so much today. Lots of love Mum Dad Luke Euan Daniel Ethan xxx

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