Treasure trail

Wow what a walk!! We have been out three hours this morning hunting for clues around Sherwood Forest and Edwinstowe village. We have found out lots of new facts to bring back to school and despite the occasional rain outbursts, we have had lots of fun 🍂🌲🌿

17 thoughts on “Treasure trail

  1. Thank you for posting these brilliant pics of your exciting Treasure Hunt, Sherwood Forest look magical even in the rain.
    No doubt you are having wonderful time Ibrahim,Looking forward to hearing all about the fantastic things you saw and learnt about.
    Have a fun afternoon! X


  2. Hi Lois, it looks like you’ve all had a great time on your treasure hunt this morning, can’t wait to see what you learn about this afternoon. Love mum and dad xxx

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  3. The treasure trail looks like fun! Glad to see you having a good time Macy. I’ll look forward to more photos later 😀 Love you lots, mum 💗xxx


  4. Well everyone it looks like you have had a lovely day so far hope you found lots ov treasure and no doubt the big walk will help u all sleep tonight , love seeing the pics and can’t wait to hear all about it tiny when you get home xx


  5. It looks like you’re all having an exciting time. I’m going to go there one day and learn all about Robin Hood again. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow Alfie and to hear all about your amazing adventure. I bet you sleep tonight munchkin.. Love you xxxx Nannan xxx


  6. Looks like the treasure trail was lots of fun Kira hope you found some treasure, there is some lovely pictures and I’m glad to see smiles and thumbs up, can’t wait to see you tomorrow love you sweetheart, mum dad Luke and buzz xxx


  7. hi kira hope youre having lots of fun and enjoying yourself cant wait to hear all about your adventures love you lots and lots from nannan grandad higginson xxxxx


  8. Hope you’ve had lots of fun Morgan on your little adventure… cannot wait to here all about it love you loads Aunty Jody xxx


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