Packing up our rooms

As our fantastic Sherwood adventure draws to a close, children are busy in their bedrooms – stripping the beds, packing their cases and cleaning their rooms.

8 thoughts on “Packing up our rooms

  1. Enjoy the rest of your day Ibrahim and have a safe journey back.
    Looking forward to seeing you at home time VERY MUCH!
    Love Mum xxx


  2. You all look so happy. Have a safe journey home and don’t forget your teddies everyone. Really can’t wait to see you Alfie munchkin.. See you in a few hours and enjoy the rest of your time there. Love you loads and loads.. Nannan xxxx


  3. Hope you have all had the best time at Sherwood Forest. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures Isaac and can’t wait to have you back at home missed you lots. Leah says it’s been quiet without you. Love you lots mummy Blaine Leah & Noah


  4. You look like you have had a great time and now can’t wait for you to get home. Don’t forget to pack everything. See you in a couple of hours. Love you load mum and dad xxx


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